The Neuroscience behind our beliefs and how they influence creativity

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Are you creative? If you believe you are, how did that belief develop?

Maybe it happened incrementally with parents and teachers lauding your efforts and commenting on your brilliant creative efforts. Perhaps your belief erupted suddenly from an unexpected comment.

Sorting this out may surprise you. As a researcher of…

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Do Beliefs Emerge or Erupt?

Ponder this: If you label a behavior, does it become a belief?

Five-year-old Zachary remembers daydreaming for what seemed like an eternity while waiting for his Grandma to get ready for a shopping trip. She said, “Thanks for waiting. Such patience you have Zachary.” Zachary claims that his Grandma’s remark…

Avoid empty praise and move toward prescriptive encouragement.

Image by PIRO4D from Pixabay

Before you read further, choose from the four options below. What’s the relationship between self-esteem and school success? I define self-esteem as a person’s overall sense of personal value, self-worth.

Option 1: The correlation is positive. When one increases, so does the…

Support or resign

Many on the left keep hoping that Republican members of Congress will call out President Trump. They shouldn’t, even if they disagree with him. To do so is disingenuous.

If you hold elected office, you swore to uphold those you represent. If your constituents don’t reflect your views/beliefs, resign. Republicans attacking Trump make themselves hypocrites. It’s an act of deceit.

Pundits say that conservatives find themselves between a rock and a hard place. No, no, no. No rock. No hard place. It just is.

Trump received more votes than any Republican hopeful in history. He’s arguably the most popular president in the annals of that party. Liberals expecting conservatives to see the light show their arrogance. This “light” of illumination translates to seeing things my way.

That said, I’m guilty too, and I wish everybody saw the world the way I do.

Michael Rousell, PhD

Michael Rousell PhD is the author of The Power of Surprise: How Your Brain Secretly Changes Your Beliefs. He studies life-changing events.

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