Republicans Refuting Trump Are Disingenuous

Many on the left keep hoping that Republican members of Congress will call out President Trump. They shouldn’t, even if they disagree with him. To do so is disingenuous.

If you hold elected office, you swore to uphold those you represent. If your constituents don’t reflect your views/beliefs, resign. Republicans attacking Trump make themselves hypocrites. It’s an act of deceit.

Pundits say that conservatives find themselves between a rock and a hard place. No, no, no. No rock. No hard place. It just is.

Trump received more votes than any Republican hopeful in history. He’s arguably the most popular president in the annals of that party. Liberals expecting conservatives to see the light show their arrogance. This “light” of illumination translates to seeing things my way.

That said, I’m guilty too, and I wish everybody saw the world the way I do.



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Michael Rousell, PhD

Michael Rousell, PhD


Michael Rousell PhD is the author of The Power of Surprise: How Your Brain Secretly Changes Your Beliefs. He studies life-changing events.